Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chose Pattern Design... Can't find the name?

I have chosen the design that I am going to use on Mason's graduation quilt back...  But I can't find the name of the block...  It first I thought it was 'Jacob's Ladder' but realized that it wasn't the same.  If anyone knows the name of this block I would love to hear it!!

I first saw this block when my quilting friend, Lynn, was making a quilt at the Fall SVQG retreat.  She was using tiny plaid fabrics and it was beautiful. 

I am using the Hoffman's Sangria Bali Pops for the fabric :)  Below is how these blocks go together. I plan to mix up all of the mediums and darks from this collection for the dark squares and triangles.  I also plan to use many lights ranging from white-on-white to batik mediums for the light triangles.

To start:
Cut assorted Bali Pops into 2 1/2” x 10” strips  (A)
Cut assorted Light background colors into 5 1/4” x 10” pieces (B)
Sew one (A) to one (B) using 1/4" seam allowance.  Each of these sections will produce 4 finished blocks.
(A) dark fabric at top / (B) light fabric at bottom.
Cutting into 4 - 2 1/2" by length strips as shown above (dotted lines).  After cutting into 4 sections line 2 of the pieces like this and stitch together:
You then place this piece - right sides together with a dark piece of fabric like this:

 Sew on the solid lines above so that you are just touching the corner of the dark square.  After both lines have been sewn cut 1/4" away from the sew line as shown (dotted lines).  Iron your piece towards the large dark triangles and finished they should look this:

I plan to set these squares on point.
digital design built in computer
Now to figure out just how many I will need....
Again, if anyone knows the name of this block - please let me know!


QuilterLaura said...

I know that as the magic triangle. Here's a link:
The ruler makes it very easy to churn these babies out very accurately. Good luck, it will be a lovely quilt.

Marie said...

Thanks! I have the ruler and you are right, they come out wonderfully accurate! :)

Marie said...

(I received this information in email- Thanks!!)
Hi, I'm unable to comment on your blog.

Shaded 4-Patch or Mary's Triangles - and

Dorothy in Oz

Beth said...

This is a beautiful block. Thanks so much for posting how to make it. I will have to get the ruler and try it.

Birgit said...

Cool technique to sew the block this way!