Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1/2 Square Triangle Tutorial :)

Shortcuts, Tips, and Tools!!
for making your ½ Square Triangles.

Using Bloc_Loc Rulers allows you to be consistently accurate which will save you time and energy.  You do need to add a little extra fabric to your estimates but it is worth the time you save!

Below you will find 2 ways to Shortcut making your 1/2 Square Triangles.
(Sizes chart to cut fabric for multiple sizes of ½ Square Triangles is at the end of this post.)

Hope this helps you with your 1/2 Square Triangles!


Sewfunny said...

I just purchased the iHeart Chervrons and can't wait to get started. I do have a question. I plan to make the 72 x 72 and need to know how much fabric do I need? I plan to use fabric by the yard, not the fat quarters. If you don't mind letting me know that would be great.
Thanks Kathy

Marie Joerger said...

Hi Kathy! So glad you are excited.

You will received 3 PDFs to download with your purchase. Sounds like you are looking at the Scrappy add-on. There is also 1/2 Triangle tut as well as the iHeart Chevron pattern. The pattern has the fabric requirements for each size on the 2nd page.

Please let me know if there is something else you need.
Thanks for purchasing my pattern!!
email if there is more information you need.