My Free Motion Sampler Quilt!

Rethinking plan April 2015.  
I still plan to do as many of Leah's designs as possible but as time has gone on I decided to break this project up into smaller units. I find that I am accumulating so many quilts including several of my own designs that I am publishing (insert very proud happy smile ;) and as I am completing these blocks and the reality that they are SO heavy (again happy accomplished smile) that I think smaller 9x9 quilts will be a great additional to the ends of my twin beds at camp!! Ok and it will be REALLY NICE to have the first one done!!!

So with that said.... here's the background of this project:

I started this quilt in 2011 and re-started it in 2014 and AGAIN in 2015!!  Goal to finish it this year (2015 - 10 squares per project - 3x3 quilt plus pillow!!) .  Visit Leah Day's site for all the wonderful free Motion quilting designs I am using.

Here is the quilt framework for the current quilt which I will update as I go along.  The block placement may change later but this is what I'm thinking to do.



Links to the blocks as they were made (rows down/space across):
1st row, 1st space (block#1)
1st row. 2nd space (block#2
1st row. 3rd space (block#3
2nd row. 1st space(block#6)
2nd row, 2nd space (block#5)
2nd row, 3rd space (block#4)
coming soon 3rd row, 1st space
and some time after that!
3rd row, 2nd space
3rd row, 3rd space

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