Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday #7

So I did a lot! of sewing this weekend!  I completed the top of Katy's pink D4P quilt.  Isn't it so pretty?!

I'm making 80 blocks total and plan to make two smaller baby girl quilts to donate to Stork Project while joining Swim, Bike, Quilt in the 100 Quilts for Kids project!

And I did the 1600 Jelly Roll Race and made a quilt top.. Well I actually used a 'bali pop' instead of a 'jelly roll'... 

Ok, I have to admit that I fretted the whole time...  First of all I have a complaint! and I don't complain about bali pops very often but this bali pop - Hoffman's "Cappuccino" had TWO very PLAIN very SOLID BLACK strips - no texture just plain black...  YUCK! They didn't add to the collection at all so... I started by taking those two strips out and added a couple of strips of fabric from my stash..  Then I thought - this fabric is too close to that - these two fabrics are going to get lost together...  well...  This is how it came out:

It was interesting and will make a nice throw but if you are going to do this I'd use a fabric pack in which the selection is more dramatically different from one and other... 

I received the next month directions in my SVQG - Mystery Quilt which means I now have month 2 & 3 to catch up

And the mail brought me month 4? of the Sunflower Glacier Star Quilt  So I have July, August, & September to go!!!

Guilt Guilt Guilt!!!  Gotta go sew!! Have a great week!

WIP Update: (date) is when entered the list or last worked on...  8/17/11 is my starting point

Completed Projects: None
New Projects: Aren't you proud of me!!!

Ongoing Projects: Worked on this week: also see no progress
Jelly Roll 1600 quilt! - completed top :)
Katy's quilt! - pinks using D4P design - completed top  :)  - oh and working on two baby quilts! with left over blocks...
Bottled Rainbow - ticker tape quilt - Continue collecting fabrics :)

No progress:
Berry Bliss Twin Quilt 2of2 played with several designs... still deciding pattern 8/17/11 (got some fat quarters for this!)
Eric's Browning Quilt (Christmas present 2010!!!) made multi-fabric binding strip  8/24/11
Mason's graduation quilt - Back - continued - cut out fabric and started to assemble blocks 8/31/11
Snowman Quilt - top together awaiting borders, quilting, and binding 8/17/11
Boat Log Cabin Quilt 8/17/11 - took pictures - hanging in sewing area
Rose of Sharon wall hanging 8/17/11
Row Robin Sampler Quilt! have 5 strips of four blocks each... MoVeD the rows around... Still Thinkin...  8/24/11
Sunflower Glacier Star -Completed June's block - only 2 behind now! progress!!! 9/4/11
SVQG - Mystery Quilt - Received instructions month 2&3!! - 9/9/11

This week’s stats:
New projects –0
Completed projects –0
Currently in progress –12

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Anonymous said...

Ah HA!! So here's the button!! Dang, I'm just so smart I AMAZE myself sometimes... NOT!! I LOVE what you're doing with the light across the pink quilt and look at you!! You did the bali pop race! Did Steph give it a whirl?? I was wondering how it would look done in a bali pop! You SEW girl!! ;D
Inspired to get it GOING!!

Eden said...

That pink one is awesome! the more I see that D4P pattern the more I like it. I have a quick quilt I need for someone, maybe I'll try that. Was it pretty quick to put together?

Jean said...

my list grows daily...LOL!

Marie said...

Hey Lo! You amaze me constantly my friend!!

Eden the pattern does work up quick! and is fun to watch come together on the design wall. Might be a bit easier is I hadn't used as many fabric though. Your 'crumb along' blocks look great! I have to look more into that!

Jean - Do you EVER get to the bottom of your list?? I know I don't. I checked out the 4 Patches 4 Hope project from you blog - great idea!