Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink D4P Quilt is coming along...

Well I put in a bunch of time this weekend on the Pink quilt that I am working on using the D4P (disappearing 4 patch) design. 

I have ended up with 4 dark and 5 light fabrics and spent hours! moving the blocks around and finally decided on this!

Well,  what do you think?  

I'm planning to use 12" - 15" strips of the dark fabrics for a multi-fabric binding and hope to get this quilted next weekend.  We'll see  :)

I'll definitely get my hubby to take some better pictures when I'm done, this picture doesn't do the fabrics justice!


Caroline said...

Oh, I love it! One of the girls at work is having a baby girl, any day now, and I think that would be the perfect pattern. I remember those blocks were very quick to make. Her colors are pink & grey, I'll throw some white into the mix. Thanks for the eye candy!

bernie said...

I think it came out wonderful, warm and sweet. Did you use charm squares for the four patch? How large is the quilt and how many squares did you need for that size? Thanks for sharing. Bernie

Marie said...

Thank you for the great comments! I always like to hear what people think :) I didn't use charm squares for this project but bought a yard of each fabric instead. I cut 5" strips and matched up each dark with each light. The finished squares are 8"x8" and I used 49 squares so this quilt measures 56"x56". In making a full row of each dark/light combination I will end up with 80 blocks. After this quilt I will have 31 squares remaining and plan to make 2 - baby quilts (great idea Caroline!) to donate to my local charity http://www.thestorkproject.org/ while also supporting http://www.swimbikequilt.com/p/100-quilts-for-kids.html

I'm thinking that I will make one quilt baby quilt 4x4 and the other 3x5 which will use up all the squares and I'll add a border to each to complete it. More pictures will follow! :) M