Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday #6

Ok - I'll start off by saying that it should be #7 but since Freshly Pieced was overstressed and took last week off - WIP Wednesday, so did I..  No excuses..  I just did!  I'd love to say that I'm all caught up now but that would be Stretching it to say the least!!

So this is a recap of two weeks. 

Attended a Quilting Retreat with SVQG Sept. 16-18th!
Worked on the Pinks...  Going for 100 blocks which will make a lap quilt plus lots of extras.  I now have blocks in ALL stages of completion!  Some are just the 5" strips, Some are 4x4 blocks and even a few complete shown below!  I need to work on my picture taking as this is far brighter and prettier in person.

I continued working on the Bottled Rainbow  Project...  Began going through 'the stash' for fabrics! Such Fun!

Our guild had a Summer Challenge which by definition means I had ALL summer to complete this!  Well I started it Last Monday and presented it on Saturday!  Sometimes I do work better under pressure!  It was an 'all about me' quilt that asked that we present the following: 1) where are you from 2) who are you, 3) your favorite things/hobbies and 4) a special day(s) in your life!  I was overwhelmed with where to start but this is how it turned out.
picture of my parents :) oh & I'm the flower

wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend......

few hobbies and favorite things :)

the kids! boys as baby and girls close to when I met them :)

And hiding inside - The Big Day!  Isn't he just the most handsome guy!!  :)

And then there's the new item - because I have NO control over my imagination finding new ideas I can't wait to try! I have personally NEVER met a Jelly Roll or Bali Pop that I didn't want to take home and play with!!  I came across this great YouTube video Jelly Roll 1600 quilt! and just couldn't pass up a chance to work with one of the Bali Pops in my stash...  Weekend is coming!! 

WIP Update: (date) is when entered the list or last worked on...  8/17/11 is my starting point

Completed Projects:
All about me! SVQG Summer Challenge
New Projects:
Jelly Roll 1600 quilt! 

Ongoing Projects: see no progress
Katy's quilt! - pinks using D4P design - working on squares! 
Bottled Rainbow - ticker tape quilt - Sorted border fabrics and started collecting fabrics :)

No progress:
Berry Bliss Twin Quilt 2of2 played with several designs... still deciding pattern 8/17/11 (got some fat quarters for this!)
Eric's Browning Quilt (Christmas present 2010!!!) made multi-fabric binding strip  8/24/11
Mason's graduation quilt - Back - continued - cut out fabric and started to assemble blocks 8/31/11
Snowman Quilt - top together awaiting borders, quilting, and binding 8/17/11
Boat Log Cabin Quilt 8/17/11 - took pictures - hanging in sewing area
Rose of Sharon wall hanging 8/17/11
Row Robin Sampler Quilt! have 5 strips of four blocks each... MoVeD the rows around... Still Thinkin...  8/24/11
Sunflower Glacier Star -Completed June's block - only 2 behind now! progress!!! 9/4/11
SVQG - Mystery Quilt - Received instructions month 2 - September 9/9/11

This week’s stats:
New projects – 1
Completed projects – 1
Currently in progress –12

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Jean said...

I like your all about you piece... speaks volumes... I especially love the 2nd block.

Letterpress said...

What an intriguing idea, and I think you expressed your quilting life eloquently. I laughed when I watched the Jelly Roll Race, and am going to re-share it on my blog tomorrow. What a fun and hilarious idea! Thanks for a great visit to your blog--
Elizabeth E!

Marie said...

Glad you both enjoyed your visit! Thanks so much for the re-post Elizabeth E - doesn't the Jelly Roll Race look like so much fun! Not that I'm competitive - much! :)