Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP Wednesday {Oct. 3, 2012}

Been missing....

Actually it has been a LONG summer!  I know - it ended in August and here it is October...  The addition of a Boat to our 'family' made my summer LONG on Fun but quite short on Sewing... 
Never a dull moment with my two 'besties'!!  Hubby Eric and Favorite Texan Lois!!

I have completed a few things this summer and will do a bit of a 'show and tell' as I blog this Fall...

I have been involved with a great Fiber Art group since the beginning of 2012.  We have had 6 Creative Challenge reveals.  This has been great for my creativity.  Each project has been a reach beyond my comfort zone and I've enjoyed every one!  I am in the process of my 7th challenge so I will show you the completed ones over my next few blogs.  

Reveal #1   Cobalt blue at 10 feet:

CC Reveal #1 "Cobalt Dream"

Funny - I was going through the files and realized that I had drawn this one out!  Color of the lettering is off but otherwise it's pretty much how I envisioned it!

drawing of concept in computer
Next Reveal: November 14th!
To see all 7 Creative Conglomeration's Challenge 1 Quilts visit 

For my Current WIP I am working on an original Tote Design.
This is the panel I have created for the front of the bag. (That's it on the design wall.)

This is made using my new block named 'Mason's Block'.  I first made it for my son's graduation quilt.  I seems that I came up with a new block in the process of making his quilt which I am finally done!!
I will post pictures soon of the completed quilt as the pics are in my hubby's camera.
2-block sample "Mason's Block"
 I plan to post a tutorial on an easy way to make this scrappy block.  
I am also working on a pattern for various sized quilts.  :)
Narrowing down my WIP as I am working on organizing my 'universe' and in the process I have separated my WIP's from my UFO's 
(Unlikely to be Finished anytime soon Objects)I'm gearing up to spend some time on the UFO project with Leah Day.

WIP = actually out and being worked on... 
UFO's = Tops completed, projects in the 'pile,' etc...   

WIP - October:
~Tote bag w/Mason's Block
~Cathedral Window Floral Quilt
~Door quilt for camp - 4 sq & 1/2 sq triangles - Brights!
~1600 Jelly Roll Race Top - revamp into something a bit more interesting!!

This week’s stats:
New projects – 1
Completed projects –0
Currently in progress –4

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Debbie said...

SO nice! Especially loving your Cobalt Dream! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday where I've had the pleasure of guest-hosting this week!

MBMathis said...

That's a beautiful quilt for your grandson. I may have to borrow that block idea.