Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday #21

Little projects here and there but nothing BIG complete or worked on this week...

I started quilting the wedding present that I am working on and found that the backing wasn't laying flat so I un-pinned and re-pinned my 'sandwich' to make sure it was flat with no wrinkles...  Have to say that 'un-pinning' is right up there with 'un-sewing' on my list of favorite things to do!!  Augh!  It's ready to go again and I plan to quilt it on Sunday!!  

Over the past week I completed several blocks for the Comfort Quilts at my guild SVQG.  Here are a couple of pictures.    
2-12"x12" finished size
9 of the 10-6"6" finished size
 Can't wait to see what they do with all the different blocks our members create!

The big reveal of our SVQG 2012 Mini Challenge Quilts is at a Pot Luck on Thursday evening!  Can't wait  :)
Here's another little peek at mine :)

MAY - TO DO!!- Still Plugging away....
Complete special wedding present (sorry no further information as it's a secret!)
Complete Mason's Quilt - top is about 3/4 done! 
Complete E's....  oh shhhhhh  that's a secret too!
CC#4 - due May 31st.

Weekly: work on two FMQ projects!  Oh and if you are following these you know that it's Leah Day of as the guest on SewCalGal's project!! Have my quilt 'sandwiches' ready to work on this!!

If I get that much done this month I'll feel accomplished!! but I have several other charity projects I could also work on just in case I run out of things to do!!

Completed Projects-May:
SVQG 2012 Mini Challenge Quilt - Reveal this Thursday!!
Assorted blocks for SVQG Comfort Quilt Committee 

New Projects:

Ongoing Projects - weekly/monthly 2012:
2012 weekly - year long - FMQ Free Motion Quilting Projects - Plan to spend a lot of time practicing FMQ in 2012!
Leah Day's - Quilt Along - weekly quilting - Wednesday LinkUp

2012 monthly - year long - FMQ Free Motion Quilting Projects - include donated amounts - shows one person CAN make a difference!!!
SewCalGal's - Free Motion Quilting Challenge
4 Patch 4 Hope - 72 4-patch blocks (January&March 2012)
Valor Quilt Bee - (May owe 5 to date)

(new group - plan to hit these with the 2 -FMQ projects I have joined!!)
UFO - 'T's  (UnFinished Objects - Tops!!! - AKA To Be Quilted!!!)
Snowman Quilt - top together awaiting borders, quilting, and binding 8/17/11
Batik Log Cabin couch quilt - Blues - top complete
Boat Log Cabin Quilt 8/17/11 - took pictures - hanging in sewing area
Blueberry Conversion Quilt - Ricky Tim's Style
Jelly Roll 1600 quilt! - completed top :)  Although rethinking.....

No progress:
Mason's graduation quilt - restart!! - Take 2!
Camp Bed Quilt - Free Motion / Crazy Quilt Part 3 of 30 (sorry - no photos yet-will follow  :)Couch Quilt - formerly Mason's graduation quilt-see take 2!!
Eric's Browning Quilt (Christmas present 2010!!!)- still! hand sewing binding :)
Berry Bliss Twin Quilt 2of2 played with several designs... still deciding pattern 8/17/11 (got some fat quarters for this!)
Row Robin Sampler Quilt! have 5 strips of four blocks each... MoVeD the rows around... Still Thinkin...  8/24/11
Sunflower Glacier Star -Completed June's block - 4  behind now! progress!!! 9/4/11  
SVQG - Mystery Quilt - Received instructions completed month 1
Two baby quilts! - pinks using D4P design - still piecing blocks...
Door quilt for camp

This week’s stats:
New projects – 0
Completed projects –0
Currently in progress –17
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Becky said...

Love that heart!!

Marelize Ries said...

I love the heart! I would like to try it too...

Marsha Cooper said...

I love those blocks for the comfort quilt!
Recently we made the walker bags as a guild project. I didn't get in on the Ronald McDonald house project.
They are working on a quilt for the show in 2013.
One lady is collecting star blocks for quilts of valor.
I don't know what the next project will be.