Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ALQS6! Received a beautiful quilt! from Cathy!

Over the weekend I received my ALQS6 mini quilt "Early Evening" from Cathy.  I love it!! And Cathy, who lives in Texas, filled the package with books, a bag, a book marker and more! from the International Quilt Show and The Quilt Market - it was like Christmas!  The package made me feel like I got a backseat view to these wonderful events! along with a 'if you are in the area I'll show you around'!! Which is so very sweet and I may be able to take her up on it as my favorite quilting gals and I are planning to make the trip next Fall for the Quilt Show! 

This is a picture of what came out of the mailer:

The book is marked with different things of interest one of which is the fact that Cathy's group had a quilt in the show.  If you have a minute check it out: Alice's Odyssey.Cathy marked lots of places with things for me to check out and her personal notes with information - fun!!

Congratulations on 'Alice's Odyssey' Cathy!  Thanks for the quilt.  I love colors and the stitching which is done in a variegated rainbow colored thread, plus Cathy tested out her quilting abilities using many different free motion stitches  :)  Oh, and check out the lovely personalized label.

If you have a chance check out the Kate's ALQS6 site for more beautiful quilts!  Thanks Kate and I can't wait for ALQS7!?!

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Cathy W said...

I'm so glad you love my quilt & all the goodies I tucked into my box for you. I look forward to showing you the "ins & outs" of the International Quilt Festival when you & your quilt buddies come next year!

P.S. I am ready for ALQS#7 too!!!