Thursday, April 9, 2015

60 down & a change of plans....

As the title says....  

This is an update on My Freemotion Quilting Sampler Quilt(ssss).

Now that I have completed the first 6 blocks I am rethinking the project.  Here are the first blocks laid out.

This measures 51" across and my new plan is to make it 3x3 which will finish 51" square and be perfect for the end of the beds at camp.  As the original layout of 10 fabrics stacked and cut = 10 fabrics per blocks/10 blocks, the orphan block will be made into a pillow!  

This is the current thought on using binding to connect the blocks and around the outside.

Once this quilt and pillow are complete it will be on to the next 100 of Leah Day's Freemotion Designs - just beginning to formulate my next project using 101-200!!

Visit my My Freemotion Quilting Sampler Quilt page for links to each block.
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Have a quilty day!

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Lois Kindley, Creative Gypsy said...

I love your quilting. Very impressive. Go Rie GO!!