Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday!

Long time... No SEW!! I know! I have actually sewn - a little - but this past weekend my 'boys' well two of them... Went out and had a grand old time 4-wheeling....

and I had some lovely, long overdue, Studio Time!!

Here's a long standing - long  thought about - project that I finally dove into!

 I had seen something along this idea ages ago and was reminded of it recently through Pinterest... Ok - first...  Raise your hand if you LOVE Pinterest!?!

This is my board of fun recycle Jean Ideas:

People have come up with some wonderful ideas to do with our old jeans...

There is a pattern available on Etsy if you follow the link in Pinterest but I just flew by the seat of my pants (or his?!??) As I worked my way through cutting up his old worn out jeans I saw a bit of paint from the condo in Nashua where we first blended our families into one.  Then there was paint from the interior of Hollis where we moved our brunch to a larger home as they grew...  The red paint from the front door redo and the new shed...  On and on it went the memories surrounding me as I cut away.  This is turning out to be a memory quilt which will cuddle us in warmth and memories of our lives together....

So, I went with 6" circles as it happens that was the size that worked well with the jeans I was using...  AND that is another story...

My hubby is looking Excellent these days - it's his birthday today and I am so proud of him!!... About a year ago he got serious about his health and dropped 30 lbs +-...  No he didn't exercise... he just cut out the 'crap' in his diet, mostly too much juice and BUTTER... and watched what else he eat... and off it came!  This, of course meant that we ate more vegetables than the local rabbits but hey - it's all good and YES I lost weight too  :)

3 lbs!  

Seriously... 3 lbs - that's it and YES I exercise... step machine, yoga, wear a pedometer everyday... Guess I already had most of my diet in order..   Now that 'last 10 pounds' well - it seems 'we' have a relationship that will not easily be broken!!!  But I'm working on it... We'll see  :)

Happy Summer!  Be back soon... sooner than this time!!

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Lois Kindley said... the seat of his pants... LOL XD
You're an inspiration Rie! Love it and YOU!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

This is stunning!! It makes the same look as the cathedral window with less effort....right??????

Marie said...

Absolutely Marjorie! This piece is a 1/4 of the quilt and took an after - it's 7x7 and the finished quilt will be 14x14... I can't wait to wash it to soften the cathedral rounds and see it fray :)

Marie said...

Thanks Lo, Missin ya girl friend!