Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Today! :)

So - I read that saying it out loud makes it real! I hope :)

I keep making lists but seldom get to the bottom.  Here's my 'out loud' attempt to make it to the bottom of my 'to do' creative list for 2011 - it's May 26 so basically 6 months to go!  I will post my projects in process and completed which will help with my 'blog twice a week' item.  

2011 Creative Goals

1) 2011-Goals - Quilting:
Finish: Eric's Browning Quilt (Christmas present 2010!!!) In process - top together
Start: Mason's Graduation Quilt
Finish: Row Robin Sampler Quilt! In process - Rows together - mostly by others...
Finish: Twin Quilt 1of2 In process - top 90% together needs borders...
Finish: Twin Quilt 2of2
Finish: Snowman Quilt In process - top together

2) BLOG twice a week! Starting NOW!!!

3) Giving Back:
2011: 12-AAQI quilts visit $1,000 Goal (I lost 2 wonderful men to this disease in the past year)
2011: 3-QOV quilts visit (Our wounded soldiers need our support!)
2011: 24-Pillowcases for local organizations (These will go to the local women's shelter , and The Nashua Soup Kitchen )

These three groups are doing wonderful things to help raise money, awareness, nurture, and provide help & hope.  If you have a chance to look into them they are great causes!

oh and one last thing...
I got a great tip recently for your 'to do' list...   
Don't cross things off  instead write DONE or ACCOMPLISHED after them...  OK so ACCOMPLISHED is TOO LONG... Try: Scored!, Reached!, Finished!, Completed!, Won!, Hit!, Obtained!, Realized!, Earned!, Fulfilled!, and my personal favorite: Triumphed!!!

What's on your To Do list?! 

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