Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quilting Retreat!

I spent last weekend at a Quilting Retreat surrounded by a wonderful group of creative people!  What Fun!  Sat too long and eat too much - excellent!  My creativity 'runneth' over! 

On top of that my husband and I purchased a new get-away place so I have something new to decorate.  The place surrounds us with mostly beautifully finished plain wood so we have decided to bring LOTS of color in and my love started with by taking four plain unfinished stools and painting four different colors!!  Red, Yellow, Blue, & Green.  In going with the same theme I plan to decorate with lots of handmade items and decided that showing my progress and process will get me to blog at least weekly.  We have carpeting moving in next week so I'll post pictures of the stools once they are back in place.  

For now I am working on a wall hanging with rainbow colors.   Back soon!

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