Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting Started is the Hardest Part!!

Don't you think so?

I recently had an opportunity to spend the day with one of my favorite people, Karen.

As I had her for a whole day I set out to find a project that she would enjoy that could be completed in One Day!!  

It's always hardest to Start a Project 
BUT if someone else...
Shows up with the project 
The supplies 
Says PICK.... 

I found it wasn't so hard at all!!

I happened to find the perfect project in a recent email from "Sew She Can" - "Quilting UnPlugged: design-your-own MINI QUILT" and thought this would be a perfect - One-day project!

I had recently worked on a Charity Quilt with some friends using our scraps.  I hadn't unpacked the leftovers and it just happened to be a happy 'little' container of lovely blue and aqua's that would be just the combination to get Karen's creativity going!

From this stash she picked a large flower (left fabric) as her focus piece and placed it in the large square where it would stand out. Next she grabbed a few coordinating pieces plus a background and set to work. 

Here is Karen with the beauty she created!

Fabric selected, cut, pieced, machine quilted, bound, and 
hanging pockets in the corners.

ALL done in One Day!!!  

Now if only I could apply some of this to my WIPs!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sewing