Thursday, May 26, 2011

Starting Today! :)

So - I read that saying it out loud makes it real! I hope :)

I keep making lists but seldom get to the bottom.  Here's my 'out loud' attempt to make it to the bottom of my 'to do' creative list for 2011 - it's May 26 so basically 6 months to go!  I will post my projects in process and completed which will help with my 'blog twice a week' item.  

2011 Creative Goals

1) 2011-Goals - Quilting:
Finish: Eric's Browning Quilt (Christmas present 2010!!!) In process - top together
Start: Mason's Graduation Quilt
Finish: Row Robin Sampler Quilt! In process - Rows together - mostly by others...
Finish: Twin Quilt 1of2 In process - top 90% together needs borders...
Finish: Twin Quilt 2of2
Finish: Snowman Quilt In process - top together

2) BLOG twice a week! Starting NOW!!!

3) Giving Back:
2011: 12-AAQI quilts visit $1,000 Goal (I lost 2 wonderful men to this disease in the past year)
2011: 3-QOV quilts visit (Our wounded soldiers need our support!)
2011: 24-Pillowcases for local organizations (These will go to the local women's shelter , and The Nashua Soup Kitchen )

These three groups are doing wonderful things to help raise money, awareness, nurture, and provide help & hope.  If you have a chance to look into them they are great causes!

oh and one last thing...
I got a great tip recently for your 'to do' list...   
Don't cross things off  instead write DONE or ACCOMPLISHED after them...  OK so ACCOMPLISHED is TOO LONG... Try: Scored!, Reached!, Finished!, Completed!, Won!, Hit!, Obtained!, Realized!, Earned!, Fulfilled!, and my personal favorite: Triumphed!!!

What's on your To Do list?! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

SVQG Row Robin! FUN!!

I had an exciting week this past week!  

My Quilting guild has had a Monthly Row Robin going on which I was lucky enough to participate in :)

In case you don't know what a Row Robin is: You pick fabric and basic design ideas for a quilt then set do's and don'ts for what you are looking for. You make the first row then hand your quilt off to the next person not to be seen by you again until each person in your group has made a row for your quilt.  Each month you receive another group member's quilt and add a row to theirs passing the quilts until you have worked on each persons.  My group is the 'sampler' group, we have five people and they are all very talented.

I got my quilt rows back on Thursday!  My list of wants for my quilt were: use only my fabrics, each block be different, use the black sashing provided between the blocks in the row.  

WOW!!   This is a picture of my five finished rows (going across).

Thanks for the great picture Annick! Fourth row down is my starter row.

It has been so long since I made the first row that it took me a minute to figure out which row it was!  Thank you so much to Lisa, Sue, MB, and Ruth for making me such wonderful rows!  

Now ALL I have to do is add the sashing between the rows and the border, quilt and bind.  Sounds easy - right?! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bright Flying Geese! Mini wall hanging

Welcome to the latest addition to our lake house.
(Pattern - slightly different - is now available)

I have always loved 'flying geese' but this is the first time I have designed a pattern using them.  This mini wall-hanging uses the paper piecing technique.  I love the flow of this piece and of course it's full of color!  I have once again gone with the Hard Candy rainbow color group from Tonga Treats!

Where else will these colors bring me....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flying Geese - It must be Spring!

Well I was up at our lakehouse at Lake Sunapee over the weekend.  Last weekend we got over 2" of snow and were still seeing ice on the lake.  This weekend there were boats on the water and flying geese in the air.  Both sure signs that Summer's on it's way.

The geese got me to thinking about using the flying geese quilt design and I would like to use the design with the Hard candy bright color scheme for a mini-wall hanging.  Love to work with this bright rainbow of colors!  Will be back shortly with how I made out.