Monday, January 26, 2015

Basket Weaving Fun!

This weekend we had some quality time with a couple of our favorite people.

We skied at Mount Sunapee... 

then relaxed at our 'home away from home' for an evening of delicious food, wonderful music and creative crafting fun!

Once the sun set...

And the boys finish their 'job' of cleaning up the new snow...

The guys jammed...
 While the girls crafted!


 And the finished products...
Happy Girls!

Got the idea from Atkinson Design - Woven Fabric Basket.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crystals are like Tattoos....

At least I think they are...
We had our Creative Conglomeration reveal last night and this is my piece.

Sunapee Night Sky

As I sat up late the night before the reveal gluing ALL the crystals on my quilt it made me think of tattoos and how many people I know who have one, have many...  As in just can't get enough - or maybe just never finished.  (This is why I can't have tattoos! that and I'm a bit afraid of needles!)

Well I glued and glued and still am not sure whether I put on enough.

This quilt is made using pieces from my Sunapee Star pattern.  In addition to using one piece each from the 6", 9", and 12" stars, I used the computer to made the 6" two sizes smaller and the 12" two sizes larger for 7 total paper pieced sections.  

This is the smallest unfinished piece.
 Which became this.
 I increased the size as I went around hoping to give it a shooting star effect.

In the upper right corner I placed crystals in form the Big and Little Dipper as that is what is visible at our lakehouse when we sit at the campfire on the summer nights!  

 I drew in the lines on the Big and Little Dipper so you can see it.
Crystals are very hard to photograph!

This is the view from the campfire over looking the lake.
One of my favorite places to be!

I'll be linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday!  Stop by and see what everyone is up to!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Tote Bag

Birthday Tote Bag.
2014 was a year of many finishes but blogging wasn't one of them.  Through out 2015 I'll add in some to my 2014 finishes.  This is from October 2014.

I picked up some pretty peach fabric to make a tote bag for my sister's birthday.

I made some four patch squares then added triangles to create the front pocket panel.

Here it is trimmed down.
Next I cut one stripe of each fabric and sewed them together then cut them into squares and placed the squares to form this chevron pattern. 
I cut the piece in half using for the front and the back as shown.  I placed the pieces onto Pellon 809 Decor-Bond heavy duty iron-on stabilizer.
 Next the straps were added. (Note of self - Straps should be a bit longer next time!)

 I used canvas for the bottom to help it stay looking clean and make it more durable.
 There's a clasp to keep it closed.
 The inside features a set of pockets plus hook for keys.
 What have you been up to?