Monday, September 29, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

Maer over at The Hard-Rock Quilter tagged me to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop.  I met Maer @ an online mug rug swap and was BLOWN away with the beautiful pieces of ART she created for me!!  So much more than Mug Rugs!

In answer to Sophie over at Sophie Junction's question "does anyone know who started this? and Or why there isn't a nice long list somewhere of everyone who has blogged an Around the World Blog Hop post?"  My answer is no but I think that like she and Kate over at Kate's Quilting, the hardest part of doing this was finding 3 more people to pass it on to. And since there's no master list the thought that if you'd like to play along - do!

Here are the question and my answers:
1) What are you currently working on?
Just finished one block for Sophie's September Block Lotto. Super fun group and I won both January and February this year :)

I also just mailed a mug rug to VA for the Two for Teal Mug Rug Swap 2014 which support research for Ovarian cancer.  Can't show the whole thing as it hasn't been received but here's a peek:
 I also finished a challenge for my local guild's 30th Anniversary, which, again I can't show but here's the back - actually had a bit of time to quilt this one myself which is always fun:
here's a peek at the front:

I am also doing Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks with several friends. We are working on blocks 41-80 for a reveal in a few weeks.  No pics but will add some soon.

Mostly I have been working on developing a pattern using 1/2 Rectangle blocks.  I have my 72" sq and 49" sq quilt samples to my friend Lisa to have them long arm quilted and am planning to send out the rough copy to my friend, Susie who has offered to test it for me!  More on that over the next month or so!

2) How does my work differ from others?

I'm not sure that it does.  I like to think that I take things that look very hard and find an easy way to approach it.   I often work from pictures I've seen and seldom use a pattern.  I have patterns & desings 'pop' into my head constantly and grab a piece of graph paper and scribble away.  I have a tendency to jump into a project with an idea and just go with whatever sparks me.  Usually that works out but every once in a while I just make an addition to my UFO pile...  

Here's a quilt I recently made for my Creative Conglomeration Group:
For this one I took 2 photos and some clipart - mushed it into the 13" required size and:
(hubby says I made HIS face too fat, LOL, I thought I was the one with chipmuck cheeks!)

3) Why do I write and/or create what I do?

Well, this summer has been very sparse with my blogging but I like to blog to share what I'm up to because people have shown interest it seeing it and have said that I inspire them.  I love that thought and enjoy encouraging others to reach past their comfort zone and try new things! This might be why I enjoy teaching as much as I do.  Blogging also creates a bit of a diary of what I have created, which I find is a nice reference to have.  I also love the interaction with the blogging community. I really enjoy being involved with the many online swap and round robins, etc.  It is fun to be involved with people all over the world while sitting at home.

As I stated above being involved with the online swaps, etc. opens me to interacting with some fantastically creative people.  Never know, some of it may rub off on me :)

4) What is my creative process?
First answer that popped into my head is - depends.  I LOVE to create NEW things!  Love, love, love it!! BUT I bore very easily!  That being said I seldom make an item twice, unless it's a gift item for a group or a Log Cabin which is my favorite 'go to' pattern.  I have notebook after notebook of ideas just waiting for me to have time to turn the thoughts from paper drafts into quilting creations! 

So that's a little about me!  Remember if you haven't been tagged and want to do this...  Go for it!!  As for me, my three 'taggies' are:

Lois Kindley over @ Creative Gypsy -  Lo and I go back 4 1/2 years but it feels like a life time!  She is presently located in Mansfield TX but as her site relates, she is a tumbleweed that landed in my life for a few years and my heart forever!  This is one creative lady!  Don't let the lack of recent blogs stop you, she is just getting over surgery on her 'good' hand and will be back in force soon!  Lo's ramblings will keep you well informed and often in stitches!

Second, head over to Terry Burris @ Terry Burris Quilting.  Terry moonlights as a long arm quilter while still working her day job like me.  I got to know Terry while chairing the last quilt show for SVQG.  She worked magic at getting her wonderful vendors to donate their beautiful products for our raffle baskets!

Next up in Beth of Quilting Hottie Haven.  Beth is running the "Two for Teal" Mug Rug Swap I mentioned above and is a pattern designer and teacher.  I first met Beth when she was a speaker for SVQG then got ran into her again  through the NHMQG.  Fun and interesting blog, check out her!

Promise to blog sooner! M 

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